Rindge, NH, USA

Offering competitive prices for the best in sound re-inforcement products,
accessories for performers and recreational players, and the highest quality pro audio products.

Schertler Pickups and Amplifiers
New amplifiers - new more efficient dyn series contact microphones!

Velvet string sets in stock - garbo and anima sets February 2017
I do have a number of singles available.
compas solo A,E; anima G,D; garbo A,D(2),E; garbo light G(2),A(4),E(4); compas 180 suit E; compas blue G

Pick Up The World
Acoustic Instrument pickups for guitar and banjo (open back and resonator)

Snark Tuners

Breezy Ridge Instruments - home of John Pearse Strings
Ol' Reliable Capos are back! Guitar, 6 and 12 string, classical guitar and banjo
bell brass, bone and horn bridge pin sets for awesome sustain

Entertainer's Secret Throat Spray for singers, teachers, speakers
Playing the Double Bass Tuned in Fifths- A new book by Dennis Masuzzo

phone: 603-899-9986 lou@lnrmusic.com
Cape Cod Fiddlers
Solution Graphics
Dealer for the following fine companies
Schertler Logo Schertler Transducers, Pickups & Pro Audio (on-line store) Schertler Unico

(on-line store)

velvet Logo Velvet Strings (on-line store)
NEW - Compas 180 sets
John Pearse Logo John Pearse Strings and Musical Instrument Accessories(on-line store) PUTW logo
Pick Up The World
Pickups (on-line store)
NEW See their new fiddle pickup !!
NEW 2 element Bass pickup

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